Monday, August 05, 2013

The Olive Press | een girl found in suitcase at Malaga port

PUBLISHED: AUGUST 4, 2013 AT 9:19 AM  •  LAST EDITED: AUGUST 3, 2013 AT 11:25 AM

Teen girl found in suitcase at Malaga port

A COUPLE was arrested in Malaga last week for trying to smuggle a 13-year-old girl into Spain inside a suitcase.
The Moroccan man and Spanish woman were stopped by police officials while entering the country from Melilla with a large, unusually heavy suitcase in their car.
Upon opening the suitcase, the officers found the girl, distressed and disoriented.
She is not a family member of either the man or the woman.
She was reportedly treated by Red Cross officials at the port before being admitted to a hospital.

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Teen girl found in suitcase at Malaga port

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