Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Mother's [Unconditional] LOVE...

Emptiness consumes my soul,
as the pain etches its' signature
- inside and out
...Bound to an eternity in purgatory

Dazed like a diver with the bends,
as I drown in the sea of faces
...I am almost euphoric

I feel no more pain,
as there is no such word that can describe what is tearing my heart out
- And ripping it to shreds

Trapped in a glass prison,
unable to protect you from your captors
"Mommy is here, my Precious"

A torture that can still be felt -
Even when physically paralysed
A sensation from within...

of a
Michelle L. Anthony November 8, 2011
For My Dearest Precious Angel xoxox
2009, December 15...
....Learning to walk again was only the beginning of this epic battle spanning over three years...and counting

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