Sunday, January 13, 2013

5 Things Our Children want from Family Justice System

The Children's Services Blog

A group of 32 children and young people with experience of or interest in the family courts have compiled their top five wishes for the family justice system in 2013.
The Family Justice System Young People's Board was set up by family courts body Cafcass to advise on policy issues.
Here are their top five wishes:

1. Cases don’t drag on and are always focused on our needs
2. There is more support when we just need to speak to someone
3. We find a way for the court to keep us informed about our cases such as when big decisions are going to be made about our lives
4. Help is available when things get tough and everyone's arguments stress us out
5. We have a way to tell the people involved in our case about the good and bad bits and know they'd listen
(Image: Stew Dean on flickr)

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