Monday, February 07, 2011

UNICEF Reports Children are Being Left Behind, 2010

UNICEF Innocenti Report Card 9 - Health Behaviour on School aged Children: (HBSC)
Presented in the Innocenti Working Paper  2010-19 (available from UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre (IRC)  website directly:

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD)  provided statistical results for the analysis of inequality in children’s health among the world’s riches countries:

Designed to monitor and compare performance of economically advanced countries in securing the rights of our children. It’s prime objective is to improve international understanding of issues relation to Children’s rights and help to facilitate fill implementation of united ‘nation ‘convention  of the Rights of the Child in all countries

League Table of inequality in Child well-being in the worlds richest countries ranking out of 24 OECD countries by their performance in each if the three dimensions of inequality in ‘child well being:

United Kingdoms Ranking:
Material    Ranked 19 / 24            *    Exceeds the OECD World Average in inequality
Education     Ranked 13 / 24         *    Close to the OECD World Average in inequality
Health        Ranked 11 / 24          *    Close to the OECD World Average in inequality

“Children  from the world’s richest countries are Falling behind; whereas they should be getting the best possible start in life”

This report may be reproduced using the following reference:
UNICEF [2010], ‘The Children Left Behind: A league table of inequality in child well bring in the world’s richest countries’ Innocenti report card 9, UNICEF  Innocenti research Centre, Florence

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