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Amber Portwood - Teen Mom & CPS Update

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‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Reportedly Reunited With Daughter Leah 

First published november 30 2010 2:33pm eastern Time Access Hollywood

“Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood is reportedly back together with her baby girl.
The 20-year-old mom was reunited with her 2-year-old daughter, Leah, on Monday, after Indiana officials returned the toddler to her mom, according to Us Weekly.

“Leah is moving into Amber’s new home, where Amber had her daughter’s bedroom all set up for her return,” a source told the mag. “Amber is so excited to have Leah back!”

Radar Online reported last week that Leah was temporarily made a “ward of the state,” meaning it was up to a judge to determine the child’s guardianship.

Leah had been placed with her father — Amber’s ex-fiance, Gary Shirley – the couple’s tumultuous relationship has been well chronicled on MTV’s “Teen Mom” series.  Amber herself previously admitted that having her daughter live with her dad was in the child’s best interest.

Child Protective Services agreed it was safer for her to stay at Gary’s because of all the photographers outside my house,” she told Us Weekly earlier this month.
It’s been a rocky road for the reality mom.

As previously reported on in early November, Amber had been charged with two felony counts and one misdemeanor count of domestic violence and battery, for her alleged actions against Gary.  Additionally, NBC News’ “Today” show reported in October that authorities had launched a full investigation into Amber, after she was seen kicking and punching Gary on the MTV show while their daughter was in the room.

Amber tearfully spoke about the violence with Dr. Drew Pinsky on a “Teen Mom” reunion show on MTV, where she claimed she didn’t remember hitting her ex multiple times.

“I feel like I hit him one time,” she told Dr. Drew, while crying. “And then I watched [the fight] and I’m like hitting him multiple times.”
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Teen Mom's Amber: Living Without Child Is "Lowest of the Low" US Magazine, Thursday November 11, 2010

In the new Us Weekly (out now), Teen Mom star Amber Portwood opens up living without her 2-year-old daughter Leah.  A post Thursday on incorrectly stated the child was taken away from her by Child Protective Services.  She and ex-fiance Gary Shirley actually both agreed that the girl is better off living with her father at the moment.

Picture of Amber Courtesy of MTV

"Child Protective Services agreed it was safer for her to stay at Gary's because of all the photographers outside my house," says Portwood, 20, whose now-infamous physical attack on her ex led to a domestic abuse investigation by police in her Anderson, Ind., hometown.

Portwood -- who is currently taking meds to cope with anxiety and depression -- tells Us Weekly being away from her girl "is the lowest of the low. Every night she's been saying, 'Where's Mommy?'"

"I feel like everything is spinning out of control, and I'm trying to put the pieces back together," she tells Us Weekly. "I have to get myself better so when I get my baby back, she sees her mom as happy as can be."


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